How to: Find and Recruit New Hires through Social Media

Social Media Can Help Lead to Great CandidatesSocial media is a constantly evolving aspect of the online world. People use these networks to connect with friends, family, role models and businesses alike. Your company can use social media and SEO marketing tactics to recruit qualified candidates for open positions. By searching for the right keywords and spending a small amount of time looking at a few different aspects of someone’s social media accounts, you can attract and connect with potential employees who are a great fit for your company.


On any social media channel, keywords are important. But, keywords are essential if you’re using social media as part of an applicant search. You can see who understands your industry, has experience working in it, and provides insight into improvements. Not only that, using keywords can help you rank on a social media results page.

  • While posting jobs on LinkedIn might seem like a good idea because of the number of responses, companies often get unqualified applicants. Weed out by searching specific terms and experiences relevant to your open positions. Continue reading

4 Reasons Not to Ask for a Candidate’s Facebook Password

4 Reasons Not to Ask for a Candidate’s Facebook PasswordAny job seeker knows that employers check social media and Google during the recruiting process. And many applicants know to maintain a clean, professional presence online. Recently, some employers came under fire for requesting job candidates’ Facebook passwords for interviewers to use. Looking at a job seeker’s Facebook profile as the account holder is a slippery slope. Before you request the keys to the Facebook kingdom, consider these four reasons not to ask for a candidate’s password.

1. What if someone wanted your password?
As a recruiter, you’re an expert on interviews and a wizard at social recruiting. You know the importance of social media in the recruiting process. Before you turn your computer keyboard over to a job seeker and request access to her private profile, as yourself, “If the tables were turned, would I hand over my password?” Instead of demanding a password, Continue reading

Weekly Wrap-up: Using Social Media in the Job Hunt

A recent report from Jobvite finds that 89% of companies use social networks for recruiting. The most popular social networks this year were LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and YouTube. With so many recruiters combing social networks to find or review candidates, how can you make sure your online personality helps you get the job? Follow tips from these great posts this week on using social media in your job search. Continue reading

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