How to: Make Your Job Posting Go Viral

Flooded with ResumesAre you looking for a larger candidate pool? Do you want the best talent that your area (and the rest of the country) has to offer? Do you want to find the perfect fit? We recently started working with a company that was overloaded with applicants, on account of a blog post on their vacation policy going viral. Full Contact, home of the Paid, Paid Vacation provides employees with $7500 to take a vacation provided they disconnect and you don’t work while on vacation. Pretty cool, right?

A lot of other people thought so, too. Their blog post on their vacation policy has over 2000 tweets, 1.4k likes, and  500+ LinkedIn Shares. They have also gained coverage on Good Morning America, Fox News,  Business Insider and too many other major news outlets to list. This awesome perk (along with their great company culture & interesting product) has brought them a ton of attention, and over 3000 applicants for their open positions.


Can’t offer $7500 for each employee to go on vacation, but still want to attract killer talent?   Here are some of our top tips to attract top talent and help get your job postings the attention they deserve:


  • Create an awesome recruiting video. This can be done on a budget, even Twitter, who has an awesome video created it without any additional costs (other than the employee’s time).  The video, although making fun of recruiting videos, still had a lot of the best qualities: it’s short, has consistent and friendly narration, a light and fun tone with real employees giving you a glimpse of life at the company, along with great lighting and high audio quality. Post this on your blog and list/link to your available job postings.
  • Create optimized job postings and leverage social media to spread the word.  You should also make sure that your posting is Search Engine Optimized with relevant keywords to help attract the right candidates and be sure it’s easy to share your posts.
  • Market your company, market your jobs. Have an awesome company culture or a killer product? Is there something unique about your company that sets you apart? Spread the word about these aspects of your company, and always mention that you are hiring. If these topics get picked up and read, so will your hiring call to action. [This is what FullContact did].
  • Leverage your employees. Incentivize referral opportunities for your employees and encourage them to leverage their personal networks to spread the word. They will typically be able to target your ideal candidates and give you a personal connection during the hiring process.

Following those tips will really help spread the word about your open positions, and will hopefully flood your inbox with stellar candidates. If you find yourself in the same situation as FullContact, consider signing up for a free trial of Take the Interview to screen your candidates quickly and efficiently.

What have you done to attract top talent to your job postings? Tell us about it in the comments!

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